Bernd Irlbacher

I, Bernd Irlbacher, was born in Burghausen in Bavaria, Germany on March 14th 1967. After junior high school I become a retailer.

On June the 1st 1990 I went to Munich for a four month advanced training to attain a german „Handelsfachwirt“ certificate. For the next 12 month I had to go and take part in the german military service in Bad Reichenhall.

In Oktober in 1991 I joined the family enterprise. After a lot of change and hard times in tenancy-business, car trade has been fathered. From that time on all of the builings could have been used in total until today. Due to my training and proclivity to stacker and unimogs (a special car) is that the best job for me.

However, due to offers in real estate and top conditions it gave me the chance to extand the tenancy-business and so I could doble the range of offers in industrial real estate in the last seven years. 

I was complimentary in the managing board for our sports club in Kienberg, Bavaria with about 600 members.